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A User Friendly Mobile News application

We were fortunate to have some great information from Vice about their current audience. Vicenews.com and Vice News for iOS were launched several months previous to the Android version, and we scraped together what we could and made some decent assumptions.

Analytics from the first release of Vice News for iOS

Looking at Data, Starting UX

The data showed not suprisingly that our audience expectations are high, and users will expect native functionality. If the system doesn't have the feel of a modern Android application, it will not be very well received. We also learned from our analytics sources that the current landscape is looking for the most up to date information to read, and also that video was not currently as important on mobile. We pressed forward, and I first began by creating a user flow that would help stakeholders and our team understand the current landscape and included features in the app.

Combining a userflow with the proposed features.

The navigation was the next thing we tackled, and I sketched a bunch of different iterations and showed them to a few users. One of the initial ideas floating around is that we should have some type of favoriting system, but user feedback and data suggested that users wanted a little more straightforward approach to the navigation.

A few iterations of the navigation, and the final design.

Helping Along the Visual Design

In true lean UX fashion, we skipped the high fidelity wireframe stage, and I worked with a designer directly to put together inital comps. This process saved a lot of time in getting feedback from stakeholders, and they were able to see a high fidelity mock from the get go.

The visual designs produced by Carrot.

App Store Rating

The app launched quickly, and immediately received very positive feedback. Since this initial MVP, the product has gone through a few more iterations and continues to receive high marks from users.

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